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Presentation for Tobyhanna Icehouse Walking History Tour
April 2, 2023 — By Bill Leonard

Tobyhanna Icehouse Walking History Tour

The Coolbaugh Township Historical Association sponsored a walking tour of the remains of icehouses #2 and #3 at the Tobyhanna State Park, led by Bill Leonard.

The tour started at the boat ramp at Tobyhanna State Park, formerly called Lake #2.

Some history was shared about the lumbering era at the lake from 1865 to 1892. Dams were created on streams to help move the logs to the sawmill, located downstream on Millpond #1. In the late 1800s, the ice industry became big business, and two icehouses were constructed at the lake.

Tobyhanna Icehouse #3 was located at the present boat launch parking area. It was 490-feet long by 196-feet wide by 32-feet high. It burned down on April 10, 1915.

The group walked to the dam parking lot, on old Route 423, to where Tobyhanna #2 Icehouse was located. This icehouse was approximately 435-feet long, by 100-feet wide by 40-feet high, built in 1897.

All that remains today are portions of the foundations of these massive structures and railroad beds where steam locomotives once transported the ice to market

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