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CTHA Newsletter

Here is an archive of the Coolbaugh Township Historical Association newsletter, published monthly in the spring, summer and fall. Click on the month to download.
In this issue: Election of New Officers | Holiday Memorials 2019 | Tentative 2020 Upcoming Events | Tobyhanna Millpond#1 Ice Harvest Wrap-up 2020 | Boxcar Refinishing | Coolbaugh Township Silk Mill | Notice to Disinter Remains of Annie Wills from St Ann’s Church | Dues Notice
In this issue: CTHA 22nd Annual Art Show | Christmas Celebration 2019 | Wreaths for Veterans | Tobyhanna Millpond #1 Ice Harvest
In this issue: New acquisitions: Coolbaugh Township Volunteer Fire Company Auxiliary Scrapbook, 1964-66. Liberty Falls Village collection, by Sue Knorr. 1950 Coolbaugh Township Consolidated School yearbook, by Paul Smith. | Noteworthy 100th Birthday: H. John ”Jack” Davis. | Upcoming Events | Coolbaugh 225 | CTHA Art Show | Dues are due | Ice Harvest 2019 | Annual luncheon and Merton Quick award | Memorial window candles and ornaments.
In this issue: CTHA 21st Annual Art Show | Christmas Celebration 2018 | Donations to the CTHA | Wreaths for Veterans | Tobyhanna Millpond#1 Ice Harvest | Steamtown Excursions to Tobyhanna in 2019 | Christmas Memorials | Dues are due
In this issue: New acquisition: Ice tong collection | Christmas Celebration 2015 | Holiday Memorials | 2016 event calendar | Looking for volunteers | Ice Harvest 2015 | Dues are due
In this issue: New acquisition: sketch book | Looking for volunteers | Dues are due | Christmas Celebration 2014 | Holiday Memorials | 2015 event calendar | Ice Harvest 2015